TerminalApps continuously works to Innovation and realization of real world things to On-Chip. To begin the discovery process of what TerminalApps can do for you, or for specific project or software assistance, please let us know your particulars so that we may assist you promptly and effectively. Write us today solutions@terminalapps.com

  • Model based Design

    TerminalApps products streamline the development of embedded software and hardware by providing a complete environment for modeling, analysis, simulation, and code generation. We support the verify designs before implementation and test, auto code generation in C and C++ for prototyping and production, Verify software and detect run-time errors before testing.Ask us.

  • Firmware Development

    TerminalApps provides excellent Product development and Consultancy in Embedded System Firmware development, Device Drivers implementation, Multimedia and Wireless Development. We have top notch coding experience and debugging expertise, and excellent experience in optimization of firmware on any Embedded platform. We provide excellent post development support.Ask us.

  • Hardware Design

    At TerminalApps, we design extensively the Hardware stuff for various domain, e.g. Camera and Imaging platform, DSP based hardware, FPGA, CPLD and other ASIC based hardware interface solutions. We have expertise in designing Mixed Signal, Analog and Digital hardware solutions. Our expertise falls in Multimedia, Image Processing, DSLR Camera, Wireless and DSP based hardwares.Ask us.

  • Algorithms Development

    TerminalApps has unmatched expertise in Modelling, Design, Development, Emulation, Porting, Simulation and Optimization of DSP Algorithms, We do prototyping, analysis, simulation, emulation and realization of algorithms which are close to daily life. We have excellent experts to bring the real world examples on On-Chip platforms. We have experience in LTE, 3G, 4G, Air Interface and Multimedia Algorithms.Ask us.

  • Trainings and Development

    Continuous learning is a way of life at TerminalApps. We thrive our employees for professional development and opportunities for training on latest and greatest technologies. We have professional On Job Trainings and Skill Development Programs at TerminalApps. Our experts provides the consultancy and on-deman support across the globe. Contact TerminalApps today for more details.Ask us.

  • Project Documentation

    TerminalApps provides High Quality project documentation and Code Coverage Matrix solution. We have top designers and documentation experts to add the highly professional and technical elements in projects. We have documentation standards guidelines and more than 15 years of wide experience to provide the comment free records. We provide solutions on all leading documentation tools.Ask us.