TerminalApps provides exposure to World's culture and Better workplace to grow Personally and Professionally.

  • Work-Life Balance

    TerminalApps's realizes it that to recruit and retain the best people, we must offer competitive pay and benefits and opportunities for advancement, while supporting them with world-class programs and practices. We recognize that having time to attend to and enjoy a personal life makes being productive at work far easier. So we also offer a suite of work-life programs to help our workforce stay engaged as they balance their career and personal lives.

  • Environmental Sensitivity

    TerminalApps participate in environment friendly programs regularly. TerminalApps aims to use only environmentally friendly materials throughout. We're committed to developing production processes that reduce the overall use of substances known to be harmful to the environment. We're also reducing the use of Paper in our logistics operations. Switching to an electronic document system has reduced paper consumption by 90%, saving around 62 trees per year.

  • Global Culture

    The diversity of our employees is one of our most valuable assets, greatest strengths, and key competitive advantages. As an organization, we are committed to expanding and leveraging the diversity of our workforce. Our goal is to treat all employees with respect and integrity while valuing the differences and mirroring the diversity of the locations where we do business. We offer a great challenge to work around the world and respect people globally.

  • Trainings and Development

    Continuous learning is a way of life at TerminalApps. We thrive our employees for professional development and opportunities for training on latest and greatest technologies, eLearning courses that are readily available online anytime. We understand that employee growth is the key to TA's growth. That's why we foster an environment that encourages development and enables our employees to lead and thrive. With our culture of creativity and our passionate, talented employees, we will continue to fulfill our mission of changing the world through digital experiences.

  • Better Work-Place

    TA administers its personnel policies and conducts its employment practices in a manner that treats each employee and applicant for employment on the basis of merit and experience, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, national origin, or other classification protected by applicable law. In addition, consistent with TA's culture and values, all employees are expected to treat one another in a manner that reflects dignity and respect. We aim to make TA the Best Place to work for on planet.

  • Fun @ Work

    TA has consciously and as an organizational philosophy taken the Work-Life-Balance very seriously and encourages employees to get away from monotony and work drudgery at regular intervals. While assigned roles, job responsibilities we ensure that employees to bring that element of fun to the workplace. Celebrations do not need an excuse at TerminalApps, be it individual success or collective festivities. Celebrations are a great way to bond and bring goodwill at the workplace. At other times, employees are cajoled to give full expression to their creative and extra-curricular pursuits.