TerminalApps® In-House Product Development

Off-shore product development is one of the crucial investment by TerminalApps®. We have very clear end-goals and and long and short term aims of the business especially with regard to manufacturing requirements. This is where external input contributes in the success of TerminalApps® in the long-run as the know-how required to estimate the resource requirements of Design, Development, Test benches, assembly, testing, packing and distribution. Our product development is best in class and generation ahead, and our customers are the best in the business. To meet both the requirements we must have the best people with us. We have a reputation of being innovative and a complete provider of smart solutions to our customers. That reputation is based on the innovation, dedication, skills and abilities of our global teams. TerminalApps® work in visual and signal computing algorithms -- the art and science of device applications. Our vision at TerminalApps®, is to be Earth's most innovative place; A place where people can come to find and discover the solutions of most complex problems in simplest way. Our motto is to become a breakthrough technology, to build a deep industry relationships and to become a globally recognized brand.

TerminalApps-Niagara Labs

Niagara Labs is one of the TerminalApps® initiatives in India, to provide world class product development environment and access to most advanced tools and systems. We invest on Patents and White paper publishing to grow up, and we develop extensively FPGA, CPLD and other Embedded IPs for our off-shelf development. Niagara labs have 24x7 accesses to our employees with all amenities and support. Niagara labs have very bright vision about the Product Development and End Customers for in-house projects. At TerminalApps®, we are engaged in development of very high-end smart algorithms for different embedded platforms, which will serve as the highly optimized way to accommodate more services in future for the existing infrastructure. We do work on LTE, 3GPP Speculations, 4G, 5G and high end lossless Audio Video Processing, H.265, H.264, Multimedia and Networking domains, We also design our solutions for Smart Security and control systems, robotics, machine vision and Image Processing.

Customer Satisfaction and Defect Density

At Niagara labs, we build products under very high precision quality control process, whether it's product documentation or a Software Application Design, our zero bug tolerance strategy applies everywhere. We have strong believed in Quality and that's very critical to us to grow. We have developed a great sense of Coding guidelines and testing methodologies so that the end customer should feel the Niche quality of the deliverables. TerminalApps® is proud to have highly experienced team for Embedded Cross platform understanding and firmware porting. Our method starts right from the requirements gathering, this is the most crucial stage to get the most of the end things done at TerminalApps®. We deliver highly satisfied and Customer Satisfaction Score (97.3%) and Very low customer reported bugs (1/10K LoC).