Corporate Citizenship

TerminalApps demonstrates value as a global citizen in part by the strategic investment of financial and human resources to improve communities, create opportunities, and offer a brighter future to people around the world.

We are a people-orientated company that places great importance on the care of our employees and we do our utmost in offering a superior working environment. We are a social-orientated company that participates in our local community to help the disadvantaged. In January of 2012, the TerminalApps Foundation was founded to promote science and technology education in India, By leveraging our core competitive advantages to develop the technology education, we hope to put the concept of "taking from the community and giving back to society" into practice, thus creating a win-win relationship with the society.

Education is of vital importance to the continued growth of any country and the cornerstone of its development. A successful program in science and technology education is at the base of India's economic miracle; however, to ensure the continued growth of India's competitiveness, this education must be made more universal and comprehensive. With this concept in mind, the TerminalApps Foundation is actively involved in the promotion of future scientific education.

At the secondary school level, the TerminalApps Foundation is working to strengthen basic science education curriculum. At the collegiate level, it works to integrate the educational fields of liberal arts and management in order to train well-rounded scientists and tech personnel. At the graduate level, the Foundation encourages and assists students in working towards their doctoral degree, and the strengthening of a coherent and consistent domestic science and technology educational system. The Foundation also offers scholarships for students to study in top-notch international institutions in hopes that recent contributions to the field of science can find their way to India. Furthermore, it assists professors and students to present papers at international academic forums and hold academic lectures as a way to elevate the visibility India's academic standards in the international arena.

In addition to cultivating human resources, the TerminalApps Foundation also participates proactively in a wide range of social and charitable projects. Through our promotion of cultural activities; our work in making education more universal; and our balanced distribution of resources for local communities, disadvantages families, community support groups, and knowledge exchange activities, we are encouraging the growth of India's cultural scene and ensuring that its cultural capital can play a positive force in the lives of everyone. TerminalApps hopes that even more companies will enter these rankings and together work towards the growth of this land.